2012 Catwoman by krono0666

Sketch Fury Challenge No. 3

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is actually a drawing I did back in 2012 for our older site, Superhero Throwdown that I never got around to sharing. So here it is now. Worry not, however. I will have a proper drawing up soon.

I realize I really need to start using more photo references. I don’t mean like how Greg Land uses photo references to achieve his someone realistic drawings…I mean to use references just to get a better idea of anatomy. I really fake a lot of what I draw. Having learned how to draw primarily from comics does not give you an acurate representation of the human anatomy. The problem with using photo reference is that the lighting tends to never be dynamic. It’s always flat with little shadow.

Having said all of that, I actually used photo reference for this drawing. I used the reference to get a general idea of the perspective and where the anatomy would be placed from that perspective. Like I said, though, as with most photo reference material from magazines, the lighting tends to be all around without much dynamic light and showdow. That meant that I had to fake the shading on the costume. The problem is that Catwoman is wearing leather and, well, I don’t know how to texture things well.

In the end, I liked how the drawing turned out. There are some anatomy issues that stem from the angle that Catwoman is drawin. Her thighs don’t “match” and I think I could have elongated her mid-area, but otherwise, I’m really happy with the way this turned out.

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