Black Adam sketch by tydesign

Sketch Fury Challenge No. 10

Artist’s Notes

This week was another challenge and I do mean challenge. The characters that The Commish chose are definitely ones that I’m not as familiar with. For Drax The Destroyer, as popular (and successful) as Guardians of the Galaxy has been, he’s still a relatively unknown Marvel character. Heck, not having read any of the cosmic Marvel universe, he doesn’t even look recognizable to me. The Drax I knew was the one created by writer Mike Friedrich and writer/artist Jim Starlin, two giants. That Drax was the 1970s purple-cloaked alien who flew and had energy blasts that came from his hands and not the tattooed Dave Bautista we saw in the movie. As for Black Adam, I definitely knew him far better of late, but still only from Infinite Crisis. All I knew about him was that he was the arch nemesis to Shazam that looked like Namor from Marvel.

Drax Scraps

By now you should know that Sketch Fury has gone from a weekly challenge to a biweekly one. The reason for the change was to give our artists more time in between sketches (hey, we all have day jobs). For me I squeeze in drawing and sketching routinely into my daily life now. It does require a commitment, which means other activities become lower. For example, I’m behind on my comic book reading by at least two months now (close to three) and my console gaming as fallen off to very minimal hours.

Since I do have more time in between challenges, the other Sketch Fury founders have challenged me to draw the other character I do not submit as my final sketch. So here you go, enjoy my roughs of the original Drax The Destroyer. You just won’t get my in-depth analysis with these. They are after all, scraps. I’m sure you’ll know what I was working on with these (they came after the Black Adam sketch by the way).


I’m really sounding like a tape set to infinite loop with my composition because I’ve been working on that similar pose I mentioned in my Captain Canuck sketch. So I won’t delve too much into my Black Adam composition, since the pose is familiar from previous weeks.


Much like my Captain Canuck sketch, this came about fairly quickly since I was building upon the previous week’s challenge. Establish structure with in blue line, tighten the drawing with the graphite pencil and erase as needed. Since I wanted to try a heavy rain in the sketch and because I don’t have the benefit of digital techniques and coloring, I needed to crosshatching to get a dark, stormy scene.


I do believe this is an improvement over previous poses. It’s definitely has more of frontal view and less of a twist, but it does feel more dynamic. One of the challenges faced here again is foreshortening, in particular the length of the legs. They seem to be incongruent to the upper torso in terms of mass and proportion. The left arm seems also too far back. My fists/hands need improvement. They seem to be the blocky and unnatural.



  • As I’ve said in past weeks, especially critiquing other sketches as well as my own, the most important element for me is how the entire composition feels. Is it expressive? I can overlook the anatomical inaccuracies as long as the sketch is powerful. I feel I’ve done this.
  • I love the anger and distress that I’ve drawn on Black Adam’s face.
  • Since this was my real first attempt at drawing a stormy scene, I’m quite pleased with how it feels. I think there are other techniques I would try, especially in rendering the clouds and rain, but overall I do love the FEEL.

Sketch Tools

  • Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil – 0.7 mm – Soft Blue Body – Soft Blue Lead
  • Ohto Promecha 500P Drafting Pencil – 0.4 mm
  • Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick
  • Tombow Mono Zero Eraser – 2.3 mm – Circle – Black Body
  • STAEDTLER 526 B209 Mars Rasoplast Black Edition Eraser
  • Utrecht Red Double Spiral Sketchbook, 70 lb, 80 Bright White Acid Free Sheets

Coming Weeks

  • Time to hit the books. I need to get back to studying musculature, how they stretch and narrow and how they squash and bulge.
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