Canada's Avengers by krono0666

Sketch Fury Challenge No. 9

I know that the Challenge only called for one Canadian character, but I just couldn’t help it. Canada needs Alpha Flight, that’s why I drew 3 of the more visually interesting characters.

Overall, while there are elements that are wrong, I’m happy with how this turned out.

The first thing that I noticed is that I need to draw through and the rest of Sasquatch (the big, furry guy). Both his left arm and leg just disappears.

Guardian’s left arm seems small in relation to how I’ve drawn his right arm. I am, however, happy with the way I drew and rendered the rest of the figure. I think I got the forshortening to look right and give the impression that he’s flying towards the viewer”

Initially I was most pleased with the way I drew Puck (the character with the giant “P” on his chest). But after I drew it, something wasn’t sitting right. I couldn’t figure it out. I thinkI drew the muscles of his arms wrong. Times like this I wish I had photo reference (or a midget that I can pose).

Maybe down the road, I’ll fix it in post-production.


Sketch Tools

  • .5 B mechanical pencil
  • HB lead holder
  • Photoshop CS3
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