Death by krono0666

Sketch Fury Challenge No. 8

I’ve never drawn a non-traditional super hero. Usually, I stick with the larger-than-life characters that populate mainstream Marvel or DC. So when it came time to do this challenge, I wondered how this was going to turn out.

Originally, while I was conceiving of the drawing, I was going to do a full body shot of Death sort of romping through the rain, holding her umbrella, wearing a very Victorian style dress, while “walking” her fish (who would be floating) via a leash. As I started to think about about more, however, the idea of walking two floating fish was less Death, and more the realm of her fellow Endless, Delirium.

One of things I love about going to conventions is watching the artists in Artist Alley work on commisions. Particularly portraits/headshots. It amazes me how an artist like David Finch or John Romita, Jr just freehands the faces of these characters and they always look right. I don’t know why I rarely do portraits. Maybe I keep thinking that I need to have some sort of “action” in the drawing. Anyway…

With that in mind, I decided to try my hand in portrait drawing.

While overall I’m happy with how the drawing turned out, I realize that I tend to draw the same female face over and over again. I need learn how to vary facial features so that I can make each character distinct. Otherwise, I’m happy with how this turned out.


Sketch Tools

  • .5 B mechanical pencil
  • HB lead holder
  • Photoshop CS3
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