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About the Challenge

Wow. How fast a week has gone by … so time to throw out a new challenge! Yes, yes, yes. I realize that we haven’t even got to the deadline of the first challenge (which is next Friday at 9:00 am, BTW), and now I’m issuing a new one. But hear me out.

You see, the whole point of delivering challenges on a weekly basis is to encourage the artist to continuously draw. While to some, drawing is part of their daily routine or even an integral part of their career, most people I know are simply just drawing because they like to draw. Because they think of it as a hobby. Because it’s fun and they’re good at it.

Those are all great reasons to draw; however, unless there’s someone constantly pushing you to draw, where do you find the motivation to do so? You have to admit, by dispensing a drawing challenge AND putting a deadline to submit your drawing certainly pushes one to fire up those creative juices and draw.

So there you have it. Consider me your motivator.

NOW … on to the challenge. Last week was all about drawing the All-American, well-respected superhero. This week, I’ve decided we should do the opposite. Let’s see what you can do with the dark side of the superhero realm; the anti-superhero, the vigilante. And well, come to think of it — they’re technically not superheroes, as they actually don’t have any “powers.” Rather, they are persons who either use gadgets, guns or their own two fists or wit & intelligence to fight off crime and fight for justice … or perhaps, for revenge.

Both heroes lost their parents in unfortunate ways. Both are profoundly intelligent and possess impressive combat skills. Both use their true identities to help disguise what they really do during the wee hours of the night.

One is rich and portrays the life of a playboy millionaire. The driving force behind his need to fight crime was the murder of his parents at such a young age right in front of his eyes. He is consumed by the feeling of helplessness that he vows never to feel helpless ever again. Thus he begins to acquire knowledge and expertise in almost every discipline known to man. And along the way, he collects his large arsenal of specialized gadgets to utilize in his war against crime and to seek revenge on the people who killed his parents.

“I seek the means to fight injustice, to turn fear against those who prey on the fearful.” — Bruce Wayne

The other one comes from humble beginnings and went to school to become a lawyer. His mother abandoned him when he was little and he was raised by a father who worked hard as a boxer to provide for him so he would have a better life. As a young kid, he is blinded by an accident that caused radioactive material to spill directly into his eyes. In compensation for his loss of sight, his other four senses become exceptionally heightened. Just before graduating from Columbia Law School, his father was murdered by mobsters for refusing to fix a fight. Enraged when the legal system failed to bring justice for his father’s death, he donned his now-famous scarlet red costume and sought justice for himself.

“You can do anything if you’re not afraid.” — Daredevil

Your challenge this week is to draw one of the two characters. Batman. Or Daredevil.

Which vigilante will you choose?

CHALLENGE NO. 2 (Closed)

Batman or Daredevil.

9:00am Friday, July 25th, 2014.

Sketch Fury Drawing Challenge

Sketch Fury

Challenge Closed

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