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It’s been a busy week for the Commish and tydesign. We’ve been tweaking the website a bit and trying to add other elements to it. For instance, we’ve added the Challenge Gallery where you can see the final pieces of Sketch Fury Challengers. We also added another gallery that focuses on the previous sketches submitted to our old site. We hope you get a chance to flip through that one and view the older entries so that you can get an idea on how drawing consistently can help improve your skills. We also hope you can get inspired by them, as they don’t always need to be your “traditional” superhero pose.

One thing we know is missing from the site is the ability to add comments to the submitted sketches. We’re working on that (well, actually tydesign is doing all the work …) so that viewers can provide praise and adoration constructive criticism to the Challengers. After all, how can a person improve without the encouragement from others? That is, after all, one of the reasons we formed this community.

There are definitely more kinks to work out on our site, but we hope that this doesn’t hinder you from submitting your entries and/or joining our group. Keep coming back … keep growing with us!

So. Onward and upward …

The Challenge: Thor vs. Hawkman

Why? Because the Commish said so. Ha! Just kidding. Well, only partly. Seriously though, I chose these two characters because of how they both came to be.

Thor, of course, is the more well-known character mainly because of Chris Hemsworth the entire universe of Marvel Movies. We all know (from the movies, of course) is that Thor is the mighty son of Odin, the Allfather of Asgard. What those Marvel Movie Fans may not know is that Thor’s mom in the movie (Frigga, played by Rene Russo) is not his biological mother. In fact, the story of Thor’s existence in the Marvel Universe stems directly from Norse Mythology. Odin, in his search to create “an heir whose powers surpass Asgard,” sought out to mate with Gaea, the Earthmother of Midgard (or Planet Earth, in the Asgardian realm) to essentially create a son who would be powerful both on Asgard and Midgard. While in a cave in Norway, Gaea gave birth to Thor, who ultimately becomes known as the God of Thunder.

“We are gods, ’tis our purpose to set aright the path of lesser beings.” — Thor Odinson

Hawkman is less known … well, at least to me anyway. (Confession: I’m a bigger Marvel Fan than I am DC.) What little I knew of Hawkman came from episodes of the TV show Smallville, so I decided to do a little more research on him. What I found were multiple incarnations of Hawkman (D*mn you, DC!), but the one I was most familiar with was the Carter Hall version. This account of Hawkman stems from Ancient Egyptian history; specifically that of the Pharaoh Khufu, most known for building the largest and oldest of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Alive, ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were reincarnations of Gods; after death they became true Gods.

In Hawkman lore, Prince Khufu becomes engaged in battle with his rival, the Egyptian priest Hath-Set. Eventually, the priest captures both the prince and his betrothed, Chay-Ara and kills both of them with a cursed dagger made of Nth metal. Khufu believed that with his death by this cursed dagger, his and Chay-ra’s soul were fated to remain in the mortal world rather than journeying into the afterlife and therefore fully becoming a true God. Millennia later, Khufu is reincarnated as an American archeologist Carter Hall, Chay-ra as Shiera Sanders and Hath-Set as scientist Anton Hastor. Carter only regains the memory of his past life after touching the cursed dagger used to kill him. Using the properties of the Nth metal to craft a gravity-defying belt, Carter creates wings and a costume, ultimately confronting Hastor as Hawkman while trying to rescue Shiera. Eventually, Hawkman becomes a charter member of the Justice Society of America and Shiera adopts the identity of Hawkgirl, fighting beside Hawkman.

“With a weapon of the past, I shall defeat an evil of the present” — Hawkman (Carter Hall)

So what is it about their backgrounds that brought me to issuing this challenge? It has to do with the whole bit about about myths and legends. In my younger years, I found myself fascinated by both ancient history and mythology. Mostly I seemed to be curious about how things came to be; how certain myths were derived from fact or how the actions of a particular person can become a legend. I was taught in high school that myths and legends are derived strictly from history and passed down by the art of storytelling through either literature or theater.

For the most part, I continue to believe in that train of thought. However, the older I’ve become, I realize that there are more outlets for myths and legends than what I was taught: young adult books (the Percy Jackson series), TV (the CW’s Supernatural series), movies (ugh … too many to name!) and — yes, comic books. Thor and Hawkman — in their comic book personification — are excellent examples of modern day myths and legends. Which is why I’m commissioning a drawing of either one of them from you.

(Insert: “May the force be with you” or “Live long and prosper” or any other inspirational quote that will compel you to sketch …)


Thor or Hawkman.

9:00am Friday, August 8, 2014.

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