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Sketch Fury Challenge No. 10: Drax The Destroyer vs Black Adam

About the Challenge

So here’s the thing. Life gets in the way of doing the things we love to do. Whether it’s work or family obligations, there is no way to avoid putting off the things that may make us happy, but certainly aren’t seen as a major priority.

That’s the reason we started this site and set up these sketch challenges. To inspire those that love comics and love to draw and provide an outlet for them. By setting a deadline, it’s the hope that this will challenge these artists to draw consistently.

With that said, we realize that keeping up with the weekly challenges has been tough. As I said above, life gets in the way. So during a “meeting of the minds” with the founders (at our favorite restaurant, of course), we had a very long discussion about what we would do. And this is what we ultimately decided:

Instead of providing weekly sketch challenges, I will be providing one every other week. The concept will remain the same; there will still be a choice to draw one of the two characters issued. However, we figured that we’d provide artists with a week to research the character of their choice and then an additional week to sketch said character.

Sketches should be submitted by 9:00 am on the Friday two weeks after the challenge was issued and will be posted the following Monday.

As always, any constructive criticism for sketches submitter are strongly encouraged. Here’s hoping that the extra time will give participants at chance to comment on the sketches submitted! *wink wink*

Now on to the challenge.

This time around I decided I would pull from entertainment news. But first … confession time. When I came up with the idea for this challenge, it was probably about two or three weeks ago. So the news that inspired me to issue this challenge is — ahem — slightly old. Regardless, I still think it’s a great reason to have chosen these two characters.

So why Black Adam? Well because one of my favorite Hollywood Hunks will be portraying him in the newest DC movie, “Shazam.” I admit I have little to no knowledge about Black Adam or Shazam, but I’m certainly interested on how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be portraying this “Anti-Hero” trying to clear his name. Could it be a superhero version of “The Fugitive”? Who knows, but I will definitely be catching this DC flick.

And why Drax The Destroyer? It’s definitely not because “Guardians of the Galaxy” has officially broken the record for Top August Opening movie or that the movie currently holds the record for Most No. 1 Weekends across all Marvel movie titles. Nope, not that. It’s really because of how, outside the movie, Drax related to one particular kid with autism. I love the fact that Drax meant so much to this child that it helped him believe that ANY person, regardless of who you are, can choose to be a superhero.

There you have it. Not much history or background given in this post for either character, but I would think that all you comic book lovers out there would at least have an inkling about these characters … enough to be inspired to sketch one of them.


Drax The Destroyer or Black Adam.

9:00am Friday, October 10, 2014.

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