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Sketch Fury Challenge No. 12: Blade vs Constantine

About the Challenge

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Okay, so onto the business at hand.

I’m actually excited for this sketch challenge. I’ve had this idea in my head since we first launched this website in July, but held off until now. In fact, I was about ready to bump the last challenge in lieu of this one; however, the timing for this challenge couldn’t be more perfect.

I mean, really. What better time than to draw characters associated with the occult while being inspired by all this Hallow’s Eve decor?

I chose Blade for two reasons. The first one being that I love the Blade movies. Not exactly sure why, but — other than the Underworld films — I find that, as far as Vampire movies, the Blade ones are entertaining.

The second reason I chose Blade was because back when we were still on WordPress, our last challenge was for participants to draw Blade. Unfortunately, that sketch never came to fruition. I’m not sure if the other two Founders didn’t want to draw Blade (or Buffy, for that matter), but I was sorely disappointed. And now that we’ve resurrected the challenges, I thought that it was time to commission a sketch of Blade again.

Now, why Constantine? It’s also because I loved that movie (Keanu Reeves be d*mned!) with its awesome characters and awesome storyline. Although, I must admit that Tilda Swinson’s character kinda freaked me out.

Regardless, there is also another reason why I chose Constantine (not just because he happens to be an exorcist). It’s because NBC happens to be premiering a new TV show based on this character. Tonight at 10 pm, in fact. (Told you my timing was impeccable!) I’m particularly excited for this show, as I do love me some supernatural stories … much like the CW’s Supernatural. I think I’ll be finding myself addicted to watching this new program (along with The Flash and Agents of SHIELD, in their sophomore year). It’s just too bad Heroes is no longer around …

So there you have it. Two anti-heroes, if you will, to sketch just in time for Halloween. Hope you enjoy drawing them … *I* think they’re great characters to put you in the mood for October 31st. After all, I could have made you sketch Hobgoblin or the “never seen” Great Pumpkin from the Peanuts comic strip.

In any case, I’m truly looking forward to seeing everyone’s final sketch!



Blade or Constantine.

9:00am Friday, Nov. 7, 2014.

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