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Sketch Fury Challenge No. 13: Nightwing vs Winter Soldier

About the Challenge

So I’m one day late? No biggie, right? In any case, I’m (once again) sorry for the delay in issuing this latest sketch challenge.

Not that it’s any excuse, but we have been pretty busy these past two weeks. In fact, as I type this, I am currently in Dallas visiting my brother & his family. We make the trip every year — usually around November — to celebrate my niece’s birthday. This year, it’s especially sweet because I get to meet my newest niece who made her debut at the very end of August. Thus far, it’s been wonderful; big sister has now reached the age of giggly four-year-old, and baby sister is absolutely cute as a button.

There is one down-side to this all. We have always boarded our pets while traveling in the past; but this year it was pretty difficult leaving our Kirby behind (I chalk it up to those big round eyes he gives to us). We know he’s in good hands, as he absolutely loves the staff at our local kennel. And yet, we still miss him something fierce. After all, he’s our best buddy; our walking/exercising partner. Our sidekick.

And thus is the reason for this particular sketch challenge. Every superhero needs a sidekick. What better to commission a sketch of two famous sidekicks?

Robin — AKA Dick Grayson — is probably the most famous superhero sidekick out there. In my youth, I recall watching the Adam West Batman series after school. Personally, I loved when the opening scenes showed Batgirl because I knew that meant she’d make an appearance on that particular episode. But really what I remember most about that TV show was all the hijinx and adventures of Batman with Robin. While Robin was extremely campy in this series (“Holy bargain basements, Batman!”), I do enjoy the fact that Robin is always at Batman’s side.

The thing is, I don’t like the typical red-green-yellow outfit that Dick Grayson — as Robin — is usually seen wearing. I’m more partial to the black & blue version instead. And thus, I’ve decided that the Nightwing version of Batman’s trusted sidekick is who I’d like to see drawn.

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes has always been a close friend of Steve Rogers — AKA Captain America. Depending on what lore you’re familiar with, he’s either the teenage sidekick of Captain America (comics) or the stronger best friend of a sickly Steve Rogers who had just enlisted — and was accepted to serve — in the US Army in WWII (movie).

While I love the teenage version of Bucky — after all, that’s how I see Kirby, as our sidekick — I must say that I love the Winter Soldier version of Bucky Barnes. Although he’s a sketchy character when we’re first introduced to him, it’s pretty clear that once he recognizes Steve he knows that he’s meant to be by Captain America’s side. That’s why I’d love to see a Winter Soldier sketch.

As always, since I issued this sketch challenge late, you’ll have an “extra” day to submit you drawing. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



Nightwing or Winter Soldier.

3:00pm Saturday, November 22, 2014.

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