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Sketch Fury Challenge No. 9: Canadian Grab Bag


About the Challenge

One thing I like about living in the Detroit area is that we’re within 5-hours from two major cities.

We have Chicago to the west of us; a beautiful town that sits on beautiful Lake Michigan. I must admit, I’m quite partial to this city as Hubby & I spent two and a half years living there. We loved the fact that we could jump onto the El and go explore a different neighborhood in the city. And the food … oh, the FOOD! So many choices of different eateries around! But I think the best part of living in Chicago was its Midwest roots. And for a Midwest gal like me, that meant that even though Chicago was a big-city-bright-lights type of town, it still felt a bit like home.

Then we have our neighbors to the north … the Canadian metropolis of Toronto, Ontario. Simply said, I love this city. There is so much to do here; from sporting events to concerts to theater and museums. And yes, the food selection is quite delish here as well.

So the reason I’m talking about these two cities is not only because we’ve traveled there quite often, but because they’re major cities, they tend to host lots of major events. In Sketch Fury’s case, we’re specifically talking about the almighty comic conventions.

Chicago has two events every year, and we tend to hit up at least one of them yearly. My first experience at a large comic convention was Wizard World Chicago back in the early 2000’s. We had pretty much gone there every year since then until C2E2’s inaugural year in 2010. Known as Chicago’s Pop Culture event, this convention is the Midwest’s version of the San Diego Comic-con … although definitely not has big in size and most definitely more multi-genre then just comics. Also, since this event tends to happen earlier in the year (usually April), many TV & movie studios and publishers tend to hold off on any big announcements until the summer. Regardless, it is a fun event and we look forward to it every year.

Toronto is also similar in the fact that it typically has two major comic conventions every year. In spring is the annual Toronto “Fan Appreciation” Comicon that focuses primarily on the comic genre. Whereas Fan Expo Canada, usually held over the Labor Day weekend, is more similar to Chicago’s C2E2. It is also multi-genre, but definitely much bigger in size. In fact, it’s the largest comic convention in Canada and the third most-attended con in North America (behind San Diego and New York). We had the opportunity to go there in 2007 and had an absolute blast.

So guess where we’re going this weekend? Yep, Fan Expo Canada! This time we’re “dragging” along krono0666 with us and are going to have a grand old time. Of course, I will only be there for one day; but my favorite fanboys will be there both Saturday and Sunday.

In honor of our international geek trip, I figured it would be best to issue a sketch challenge that best represents the nation that will be hosting us for the weekend. The challenge, of course, is to draw a Canadian superhero.

I have to admit, I was trying hard to issue a challenge to pit two Canadian superheroes against each other. However when doing my research, I found that there were very few superheroes that actually claimed a Canadian birthright. Yes, yes … I know, Marvel has Wolverine and the entire Alpha Flight team. And Canada even has their own patriotic captain. But I dare to ask, other than the recently introduced teen superheroine Equinox, can you find any DC character that is Canadian? (No. Superman, although created by Canadian Joe Shuster, does not count!)

So yeah, this week? I commission you to sketch ANY Canadian superhero you want.



Canadian Grab Bag.

9:00am Friday, September 12, 2014.

Sketch Fury Drawing Challenge


Sketch Fury

Challenge Closed

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