Superman by krono0666

Sketch Fury Challenge No. 1

For this first challenge, i decided to go the DC route since I tend to always do Marvel characters..

Thinking about the drawing, I decided I wanted to reinterpret the iconic image of Superman hoisting a car over his head (as seen on the cover of Action Comics #1) in my own style.

As I sat down to draw, however, i was struck by two things. First was how out of practice I was. I haven’t really drawn anything in almost 2 years… at least consistantly. In fact, the drawing that you see is the second attempt to get the drawing how I wanted it.

The second thing I realized was I can’t draw cars. Hence, why, instead of a car, Superman is lifting the Daily Planet globe.

For the figure, itself, I was trying to evoke the barrel-chested look of classic Superman as portrayed by Wayne Boring and not the more modern style of John Byrne.

Looking at my drawing now, I probably should have put a background. Yet another weakness of mine.

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