What is Sketch Fury?

A brief note from the Comissioner

Well, what started as a challenge amongst two old friends to start drawing again suddenly became a weekly event. Because they are probably two of the biggest “Fanboy Geeks” I know, the topics naturally turned to comic characters. So in order for the artists (not me) to critique each others work, they made it a point to meet weekly at our favorite legendary tavern.

I, of course, tagged along purely because I craved the incredible burgers at this joint. Because I have a healthy knowledge of comic lore (I did go to San Diego Comic Con at least one of the three days with them), my two favorite Fanboys decided to give me a role.

Yep. I get to choose which character they draw weekly. And heck … it’s just waaay too much fun being able to commission a drawing every week. Whatever. Character. I. Choose. As long as they’re Superheroes or Supervillians. And although these challenges have only been sporadically thrown out to them over the past five years (hey … life gets in the way!), I must say that I’ve seen incredible improvement in their drawing skills.

After a stint on Facebook and on another blog site, and a gathering of a few more participants … we decided to move the challenges over to its own home. But this time, we decided to add a little twist to the challenges. Instead of providing one character to draw, we thought it might be more fun to choose between two different characters.

So come one, come all … enjoy these collections of works. And comment comment COMMENT. Because, good or bad, it’s always great to get feedback. Please remember, though … it’s one thing to comment if you like or don’t like a particular sketch; it becomes MUCH more meaningful when you provide constructive criticism.

AND … if you’re interested in participating in the challenges or finding out more just click here.

—“Commissioner” Emily


Nightwing or Winter Soldier.

3:00pm Saturday, November 21, 2014.Sketch Fury Drawing Challenge